Stephanie Rinn


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  • Lives and Works in San Antonio, Texas
  • Single-Family Homes and High-Rise Living

Agent Profile


Ever since she can remember, Stephanie has had a passion for real estate. As a child, one of her favorite rainy day activities was to tape a bunch of paper together and draw house plans. This passion never left her and when the opportunity to join the top-producing team of Barbara Finch and Steve Markham arose, she didn't hesitate to sign on.

Prior to beginning her career with Kuper Sotheby’s International Realty, Stephanie spent nine years in corporate sales forming long term relationships with her clients. Drawing from this past experience, she has built a reputation for her refreshingly friendly approach and proven ability to negotiate the best value for her clients. She loves finding those hidden gems and delivering exceptional results. Her marketing skills, including social media, give Stephanie the ability to reach a diverse group of people. Open and honest communication is her first priority. Her goal is to pull out all the stops for her clients utilizing her connections and being a one stop shop for information and resources.

Stephanie graduated from Texas A&M University with degrees in Human Resource Development and Business and she is always up for adventure. Growing up sailing competitively all over the world gave Stephanie a passion for travel and new cultural experiences. Although she doesn’t get out on the water nearly as often, she still enjoys traveling and creating new memories with her family. Closer to home, you can find Stephanie experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen or exploring parks with her husband, one year old daughter, Elizabeth, and their two Labradors.

My Name:
Stephanie Rinn
Born In:
Corpus Christi, Texas
What is an interesting fact about you?:
I have never found a food I didn't like. Seriously.
What quality do you admire most in others?:
Kindness without the need for recognition.
What motivates you?:
Hands down, my daughter, Elizabeth. I want her to know that through hard work, she can achieve anything.
If you could donate a significant amount of money tomorrow, whom would be the recipient?:
I would have to split it between two - animal rescue and a charity benefitting children.

What do you love about San Antonio?

San Antonio is like a melting pot - great food, weather, sports and culture. What more could you ask for? Oh, and we're always looking for an excuse to have a party. Fiesta Day is a city-wide holiday!